Trying Meditation? Listen to this First

I wanted to share this particular episode of my show The Business of… with Neil McKinley as I learnt so much from this guest and talking to him made me feel so, well, zen is the most appropriate word here.

We get told that we should all be meditating to calm our minds and connect to our inner selves, resulting in a more peaceful existence. But what we don’t often discuss is the potential traumatic responses we may have from practising meditation without the appropriate guidance from an experienced professional in this field.

Yes, perhaps we should all be meditating, but let’s do it safely. I highly recommend Neil for further information on this topic. I’ve stayed in touch and one day, when i’m feeling brave, I may enlist his guidance to get me meditating properly – one day! For now, enjoy some calming music and learn about mediation from Neil who has over 30 years’ experience in embodied meditation practise and teaching.

Snippet below for a little flavour and full show below that if it tickles your fancy:

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