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A Niggle of Discomfort

As a writer for Way to Wellbeing I tackle topics on wellbeing in and out of the workplace. This article was a little challenging to get going on as I found a niggling feeling of discomfort develop in the pit of my stomach at the very mention of work/life balance. How does being asked about our work/life balance make us feel?

Mental Health in the Workplace

Thanks to the wonderful Jake Shaw for featuring me on The Amaiz Podcast shortly after I launched my mental health initiative Minds Anonymous back in 2020.

Although time has flown and this is now a couple of years old, I gave it a re-listen and feel our discussion is just as relevant today as it was at the beginning of the pandemic, if not even more so.

My Husband the Rock Star

Well I had to share this particular episode of the Business of… didn’t I? Listen to me interview my husband after around 18 months of badgering him to come on my show.

I found this particularly fascinating because, even though I knew he was a clever chap and I was aware of what he got up to at the lab, I had no idea just how knowledgable he is and how cutting edge his job is.

Trying Meditation? Listen to this First

I wanted to share this particular episode of my show The Business of… with Neil McKinley as I learnt so much from this guest and talking to him made me feel so, well, zen is the most appropriate word here.

We get told that we should all be meditating to calm our minds and connect to our inner selves, resulting in a more peaceful existence. But what we don’t often discuss is the potential traumatic responses we may have from practising meditation without the appropriate guidance from an experienced professional in this field.